Hi, I'm Nikita SeveriN

I am graphic design. An expert in Adobe Muse and WordPress.
I can create products from scratch, from a prototype to a finished project.

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My experience

I started my career since high school. I was looking for my style, drawing graphic prints for myself and friends. I studied at an art school and graduated from university with a degree in environmental design. Later, I began to study web design and website creation. I learned Adobe Music and I can quickly create high-quality static sites. Later, I began to create plugins for Adobe Muse and studied CSS and JQuery. At the moment I studied WordPress and create websites with the help of Oxygen and Elementor.

I have a lot of experience in creating landing pages and creating simple online stores. I am constantly learning and improving my skills. I also study marketing and promotion. Therefore, I combine my skills to create a great product.

Now I have enough experience with clients from foreign countries. I always find a common language and fully immerse myself in the project of my client. For me, impressions from the result of the work that I do are important. I will be glad to participate in an interesting and creative project.

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Adobe Photoshop
Web and graphic design 100%
Adobe Illustrator
Graphic design 100%
Adobe Muse
Web development 100%
Web development 100%
Web development 100%
Adobe Edge
HTML 5 100%

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